(First posted - Jul 15, 2019)

If you are looking for something sweet we certainly have plenty of yummy treats for you at Gather! From large slices of Victoria sponge, granola bars & tiffin slices to muffins, we think there is something for everyone on offer.

We are very proud that all our baking is done in our little kitchen here at Gather. Our team enjoy baking and their enthusiasm is apparent in the array of cakes you can see on our counter. The team also bring inspiration for new recipes and combinations to try. Our best selling cake is definitely our famous Carrot & Courgette Cake! The finely grated vegetables make it beautifully moist and the cream cheese frosting has a touch of cinnamon to balance the flavours.

Our popular Carrot and Courgette Cake!

Ingredients change with the seasons; sticky date cake in mid winter, Victoria sponge full of fresh strawberries in the summer months. Currently we have Cherry & Almond muffins on the counter, making the most of this seasonal ingredient. We source locally where possible too – we are fortunate to be situated in the middle of wonderful berry growing country! Our free range eggs all come from Tillygloom Farm, just outside Brechin.

Homemade Cherry and Almond Muffin

We always have gluten free, vegan and nut free options available each day because we want everyone to be able to enjoy a sweet treat at Gather. Our cakes are clearly labelled and if you require more information, including full ingredient lists, we are happy to assist you. Please be aware that due to our limited space we are unable to promise that anything is completely nut free etc, but we do all we can to minimise this risk.

Pistacho Cake

We hope you have enjoyed this insight into our baking a Gather. If you have questions for us, please leave a comment below. Until next time, The Gather Team