One of the things I’ve been finding interesting lately is how different businesses are adapting during these strange times were living in. Every business is unique and what works for one might not work for another. Deciding not to open our café to sit in yet was a difficult but very considered decision. We want to let you know why we chose this route and to give you a little more insight into our covid-19 story so far…

When lockdown was announced we closed our doors for three weeks. We actually decided this the day before lockdown was announced and I’ve had quite a few people comment that we could have “cashed in” during this time but for us it really was the right thing to do. Myself and the whole Gather team, like everyone else, were stressed, tired and had loved ones at home that we were worried about.

Sometimes you just need to hit pause and come back refreshed, so after a break to work out how to go about things safely we brought in Perspex screening, moved some very heavy fridges, installed additional health & hygiene measures and re-opened our doors along with a brand new online shop.

It was so great to be back open again and putting my shopkeeper hat back on! I often spend my day in the kitchen and really do miss chatting with you all! I was blown away with the support for our online shop and especially the delivery service. It really made us feel connected to our lovely customers that weren’t able to visit us in person.

Baking sourdough bread by hand every day, slinging out coffees to take away and keeping you all stocked up with fresh veggies. It was nice to have a bit of normal in amongst it all and even though our café isn’t open we can still provide you with the Gather goodies you love.

While this has been such a hard time for everyone it’s given us the opportunity to work on things which usually get put on the back burner when juggling the day to day running of a busy café.

Between all of this, we also (FINALLY) got our full off sales alcohol licence, we completely changed our shop layout (twice!), switched all our products to a new till system and set up our online shop (217 products and counting). Things are getting ticked off the Gather to-do list that have literally been sitting there for years and it feels so productive!

We have had so many people asking us when we will be open for sit in again. And we would love to have you, but what might work for one business just now might not work for another. Gather is all about great food, awesome coffee, fantastic music and smiles! It’s literally in the name so we’ve decided that until we can Gather together properly we won’t be opening the café to sit in.

We’re working on some exciting new things for a take away lunch menu launching next week, there are new products being added to the shop every week and a mega amount of planning being done for when things do actually get back to normal.

We will be back, we promise! Just not quite yet…

Love Bethany and the Gather team xx

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